Fast & Easy Boot Disc Solutions
If your operating system will not start and you believe the cause is corrupt or missing files required to boot the computer then, you may need to create a floppy disk containing the correct boot files. Here is collection of self executing image files to create many different bootable floppy disks.

Simply insert a blank floppy disquette (1.44mb) and execute the EXE file you have downloaded. The image file will then automatically place the required files on to your floppy disk. Keep in mind, the floppy will be automatically formatted and you will lose any data already stored on the disc. You will also need to have some basic understanding of command line utilities.

Download MS  Dos 6.2 Executable
  MS Dos v6.2
  MS Windows 95 & 95a
  MS Windows 95b (OSR2)
  MS Windows 98 & 98SE
  MS Windows ME (Millennium)
  MS Windows NT v4 (Workstation & Server) 4disks
  MS Windows NT v4 (Terminal Server) 4disks
  MS Windows 2000 Professional 4disks
  MS Windows 2000 Server 4disks
  MS Windows XP Home Edition 6disks
  MS Windows XP Pro (including Corp.) 6disks
  MS Windows XP Home SP1 6disks
  MS Windows XP Pro SP1 (includes Corp) 6disks

This next set of boot disks contains utilities for BIOS upgrades, disk partitioning, disk reformatting, password recovery, and general file manipulation. This may be useful when adware or spyware has taken over the system. Sometimes you may need to make a custom boot disc to repair your hard disk drive or delete files while the operating system is not in use and doesn't have a lock them.

Beware! Files deleted or not moved correctly using the command, fdisk, deltree, xcopy, and format utilities can not be recovered. This is especially true with Darik's Boot and Nuke utility. The fact is, it doesn't really matter which tools you are using, once the command line is executed your data is gone permanently.

Soon, I will post pages with the nessecary files for bootable compact disks along with better tutorials for both floppy and CD.

Download MS  Dos 6.2 Executable
Basic BIOS Update Disk
Contents: io.sys, msdos.sys and
Add your own bios update to this most basic of boot disks.
Boot Disk Essentials
Generic IDE cdrom driver: ( oakcdrom.sys and mscdex)
Memory manager: ( himem.sys and emm386.exe )
Utilities: attribute, command, deltree, doskey, edit, extract
fdisk, format, more, mouse, reboot,
scandisk, scanreg, smartdrv, sys and xcopy.
Partition Repair Disk • Danger• May cause irreversible damage to Data.
Contents: Generic IDE CDROM driver, mouse driver, basic file manipulation tools, fdisk, format and testdisk.exe - a partition undelete tool which handles Windows and Linux partitions allowing them to be restored when lost or accidentally deleted.
Download MS  Dos 6.2 Executable
PCI Card Identification
This tool is useful for identifying PCI and AGP video cards, sound card, motherboard chipsets and other devices on the PCI Bus. The disk contains a generic IDE cdrom driver, mouse driver, a limited set of file manipulation tools, fdisk, format and sys.  It also contains a fast XMS ramdrive program and two DOS-based PCI discovery tools written by Craig Hart and Marcus Hoetsveld. 
DBAN • Danger• May cause irreversible damage to Data.
This instant drive eraser is a self-contained boot floppy that securely wipes most hard disks clean. You can find more information about Darik's BOOT and NUKE here.
NT Password Reset • Danger• Do Not use if file system is encrypted (EFS).
This will edit the SAM database. If you do not know what that is you may not want to use this software. The existing password will be removed and you may assign a new password if you wish. Be very careful. If any or the users files are encrypted they will become inaccessible after changing the password.
Download MS  Dos 6.2 Executable
SCSI Drivers for NT Password Reset
Put these files on to a second floppy disk for use with SCSI drives.
Windows 2000 & XP Install Boot
Use a single floppy disk if your Windows 2000 or XP install compact disk is not recognized by the cdrom. Boot with utilities and change directories to cdrom. ( D:\ ) Find the i386 folder on the install cd and run WINNT.EXE. The installation will proceed as usual from this point.
    •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••All files are virus free••••••••
Use your head and use these utilities at your own risk.

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Coming soon, easy to configure bootable CD images.
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